Thursday, December 27, 2012

Persimmons & Coffee Pot

Robin Weiss is an incredible painter whom I have been lucky enough to get some lessons from recently.  I did this painting during one of those lessons after he did a demo of the same setup.  It was great fun to paint, and a revelation for me in paint handling methods.  Check out Robin's amazing work on his blog


  1. Alison, How wonderful you were able to paint with Robin. I grew up just south of Seattle. You are living in one of the most gorgeous places there is. After browsing your paintings I can see you are enjoying it. Your work is lovely! I live in New Mexico now but find myself painting the NW from photos. I wish you all the fortune in the world.

    1. Hi Lavon, I definitely am enjoying NW painting, inspiration everywhere I look! Thank you very much for your kind comments, and happy painting!

  2. Great job Alison! This is a winner! Very fresh and juicy with color!..=]

  3. Way to go, Allison. This is a beauty and Rob is a good person to paint with. I love your paint application and color vibration.

  4. Thanks Darrell, that means a lot from you; I strive to paint still lifes as luscious as yours! Hope to see you in the new year!