Thursday, May 21, 2015

Calm silvery water, warm breeze, osprey returning to its nest...and toddlers!

Morning at Flag Ponds, my favorite Monday location.  It was a hot and misty morning, and the cliffs were beautifully receding into the dense atmosphere.  I was all alone until a big group of moms with toddlers filed in.  I am guessing they hadn't expected the short hike to the beach (which I'm sure seems like miles with a little person and all the gear) because the moms seemed frazzled and stressed, and the kids were cranky and crying.  I felt for those moms, at the same time rejoicing having survived those years and moved on to the fun 9 and 11 ages.  Calm before the next storm, I'm sure.  Anyway, painting was fun!

Oil 11x14

Then moved to another area for a Maryland cloud study.  

Oil, 8x10

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