Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ignored by O'possum.

So I went back for more of Jefferson Patterson Park this morning.  I found a gravel road going toward the water, and walked down part way when I found barns and fields and set up my gear.  Turns out I was on private property, as I discovered when the farmer drove past, then stopped, backed up (me thinking UH-OH) and told me if I wanted to go on down to the farmhouse and paint, that I could, because the view is better.  Yes!!

Oil, 11x14

Also painted a little one --

Oil, 5x7

Then I walked down to the water, was assessing the possibilities, then this guy walked by, really close.

I don't think he even saw me.  I also freaked out a mother osprey, I was worried she was going to dive bomb me.

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