Thursday, May 21, 2015

Have wagon, will travel.

Picked up a nifty beach wagon yesterday, I thought it would be helpful in lugging my gear over beach and trail, and I was right!  I first test drove it at Myrtle Point in St. Mary's County, a stunning place that offers endless fodder for outdoor painter-types.  I was going to go down to the beach, but ended up stopping on the trail at a spot that overlooks the Patuxent River.  The wagon was a champ over the grassy trail, no problem over tree roots and rocks.  Kind of loud in the gravel parking lot, but that's my only complaint.  Here is the start to the painting I did before getting to cold and shakey to continue.  I will be back!

Oil, 11x14

I could not get warm, so after wolfing down a sandwich in my toasty car, I went out to the beach for more painting.  The wagon was HARD to pull through soft sand, which was a bummer, but it was so nice to have all of my gear up and out of the sand, I will forgive it.  Plus, it's like crossfit, right?

These girls kindly posed for me the entire time I painted (jk). They were teenagers trying to get a start on their tan, they came over and chatted after a while and showed my a gigantic shark tooth they had found.

Oil, 8x10

Still had time before getting the boys off the bus, so I knocked out a little lighthouse.  I'll never get tired of painting it.

Oil, 5x7

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